Reiki Master Healing

Distance or In person


Full Reiki Intergrated Healing Session

In person or Distance sessions available. Both have the same result. (Includes: Free Birthchart Reading)

Life Purpose Readings

In Person or Phone Call


1 Hour personal one to one Call for an in-depth psychic reading looking into deeper aspects of the soul contract and past life traumas. Life purpose reading, Birthchart reading, Ancient Healing techniques, Dna Activation. 

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Integrated Energy Healing

An Ancient Science

£70 per hour 

This service works better in person but can also be performed through distance healing. I tap into your energy field/aura and align it with your higher self, removing any negative entities that are attached to you.

 Iridology Readings

The eyes tell you everything about your health.


Iridology readings are able to look into the eye and find any dis-ease that may be lingering around the body. 


Self Mastery Course


It can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, via video call or In person. This package is the ideal package for unlocking all your hidden abilities and bringing you into your highest self preparing you for the new energies on earth, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Contact me for more details and a free consultation call.

Birthchart | Tarot | Life Purpose Readings

£70 hour phone call

Here we will look into your life path and birthcharts and help put you back on track to where you are meant to be truly heading. It's easy to slip off track, it can be even harder to get back on the good path. Let me help you with that.
Contact me with a suitable time you would like me to call i will reply with a confirmation email.


Sound and Frequency Healing

Natural Healing


Kundalini Awakening Guidance

An Ancient Science



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